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Red Ball 3

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This is another continuation of the cult game. Here you have to try on the role of the red ball again. You need to solve the problem of collisions to achieve your goal and complete the game. To do this, you need to complete many tasks.

The essence of the problem

The main feature of this part of the game is that it is not always possible to perform a jump here due to the presence of spikes. Otherwise, you can quickly lose. Sharp pieces and various obstacles prevent you from moving forward normally on the game map. This is a small drawback, which is quite unpleasant. You will immediately realize that you will not go any further. You need to take into account the game mechanics and physics that work in a way that does not always allow you to move around the map normally.
Also, you should pay attention to the design. Each level is different in design, which immediately attracts. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy beautiful, stylish graphics in a minimalist style. Bright colors make what is happening on the screen even more interesting and exciting.

Game features

During the game, you should pay special attention to the design features of the main menu. There is a special point for making in-game purchases. After you collect enough stars for each level, you can make a purchase. For example, you can change the look of the red ball or purchase other in-game items that may be useful to you in the process.
You should also pay attention to the located control buttons, with which you can easily and quickly set the desired gameplay parameters.
The gameplay is really quite simple and no less exciting. A small ball moves quickly across the playing field. You need to use all available tools to win. For example, you’ll be able to bounce off platforms, perform Leaps of Faith, and other actions that will help you efficiently use available resources.
In-game purchases for real money are also possible here if you don’t feel like wasting time completing challenging levels. To do this, you need to go to the appropriate settings. This game has everything you need to relax and enjoy exciting gameplay.

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