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Red Ball 4 Vol. 1

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You must immerse yourself in the incredible adventures of the red ball again. You will travel through the kingdom of unusual creatures to feel all the gameplay’s features from the first minutes. Amazing adventures await you here. Fight monsters and bosses to move to the next level.

The main features of the game

You have to play with a small red ball. Your main task is that this time the kingdom of balls was attacked by terrible evil and gray boxes that want to harm every tenant. These boxes wish to bring pain and suffering to the locals, preventing them from living normally. Here, the main story begins, and your journey depends on the success or failure of the missions.
You must do everything necessary to help the kingdom of balls protect their territories from an insatiable enemy. You have to show all your courage and ingenuity to achieve your goals. From the beginning, it seems that the war will last long. It will be long and difficult. It can bring a lot of trouble and difficult moments. You will be the last point of protection and defense, helping the balls to succeed. You will have to be extremely careful to complete the tasks, as well as get rid of enemy bosses. To do this, you need to master all the subtleties of management.

Game control

This is a classic platformer where you must move along the playing field using just a few control buttons. You can quickly master the features of movement in just a few minutes. You should also pay special attention to bright, attractive graphics, functional controls, and many additional options already waiting for you.

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