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Red Ball 6

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This is a classic platform game and one of the parts of the famous angry red ball game. Here you also have to experience many game features and immerse yourself in an exciting game world to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. You have to control a small red ball, jump, roll, and overcome a variety of obstacles on your way. Red Ball is one of the most exciting platform games of our time, enjoyed by children and adults, regardless of their skills.
The gameplay is quite simple and fun. There is also an automatic game mode that you can use. Simple control allows even beginners to cope with the tasks set with minimal cost and effort. To play, you need to set the direction of the ball’s movement. You also need to bypass all the dangerous obstacles and fight the bosses on each level. You need to reach the end using all the available features. Collect stars along the way that you can use to make in-game purchases.

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